Gully Art

Big thanks to Sookie at Gully Art for the new feature on Smog One, check it out here

GULLY [guhl-ee] means: Something from the streets, gutter, gritty & or gangsta. They post amazing Urban Street Art from around the world.

The Drop Kings

S/O to The Drop Kings for the feature on Smog One, you can check it out here.

The Drop Kings is a digital magazine dropping you what’s swank, fresh and exciting in today’s urban culture. The site is a place to collaborate, share, explore and read articles that you wouldn't necessarily come across on your own.


Check out the Smog One interview on 12ozProphet.

Founded in 1993, 12ozProphet was established with the goal of raising the bar for the graffiti world while integrating its distinctiveness into the wider world of popular culture, art and design. In the years since, 12ozProphet has evolved to become a platform for many of its most authoritative voices.

Lake Worth Piece

The new piece in Lake Worth is finished, check out the "Murals" section to see it complete.