Art Basel - 2013 Update 1

2 more pics of the new wall at Basel. Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn't cooperate and we got some rain. More to come next week.  

Affiliated - Brisky Gallery

Brisky Gallery Miami is proud to present Affiliated: The Art of the Urban Experience; an exhibition curated by Luis Valle, Brisky Gallery's Director in collaboration with Jesse Henderson.

The show will reflect a diverse approach at creating work influenced by urban setting featuring works by over 20 artists local, national and international. It will include a large yet cohesive range of work from painting, drawings, photography, sculpture and new media. “Affiliated”, is a result of the current movement in art, which reflects on the urban experience.

Many urban, street, muralist and as well as fine artists rely on certain affiliations in order to succeed and accomplish their goals. Whether they are traveling to a new city and need someone to show them around or maybe they need to locate a wall to paint, artist use their affiliations to get the job done. Artists are affiliated but not limited only to by crews, peers, countries, medium, sponsors, galleries and friends. Without this an artist job is much more difficult. This also reflects on the old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Every connection leads to a new adventure and is part of the process of the artist’s creation.

This exhibit brings to Miami a solid lineup of artists who have a diverse background of both urban and fine artwork. Each artist is well known in their respective circles yet somehow were all affiliated by a different source. 

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Gully Art

Big thanks to Sookie at Gully Art for the new feature on Smog One, check it out here

GULLY [guhl-ee] means: Something from the streets, gutter, gritty & or gangsta. They post amazing Urban Street Art from around the world.

The Drop Kings

S/O to The Drop Kings for the feature on Smog One, you can check it out here.

The Drop Kings is a digital magazine dropping you what’s swank, fresh and exciting in today’s urban culture. The site is a place to collaborate, share, explore and read articles that you wouldn't necessarily come across on your own.


Check out the Smog One interview on 12ozProphet.

Founded in 1993, 12ozProphet was established with the goal of raising the bar for the graffiti world while integrating its distinctiveness into the wider world of popular culture, art and design. In the years since, 12ozProphet has evolved to become a platform for many of its most authoritative voices.

Lake Worth Piece

The new piece in Lake Worth is finished, check out the "Murals" section to see it complete.